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At the moment this page is dedicated to C64s. This is an MS-DOS based Commodore 64 emulator. Here you will find information, which will help you using the emulator. If you have got any C64 related questions, ask me or put them in the newsgroup: comp.emulators.cbm

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C64s | faster LOAD | command line options | links


At the moment I have tested v2.5b (shareware):

How to LOAD faster in full emulation mode:

If you have got a Program which requires full drive emulation you have to press ctrl alt del and then load the program.

But the first the program need not be loaded in full emulation mode of course, because no fastloder has been started. So do the following:

Look at the table below how much time you can save!

Program size (Blocks) Time (my Method) Time (standard)
94 15 sec 16 sec
162 35 sec 56sec
133% longer 250% longer

note: All times were taken by hand

C64s 2.5b Command Line Options

Example 1 | Example 2 | General

First of all I would like to tell you, that these options have had bugs in former versions. (2.0, 2.5) but as I have tested it there are no more problems.
You will find useful information under General (3.).

Look at the following two examples, how to use command line options within c64s.